Incredible India Golf !

Golf and India has a very old relation. When you read about golf history the book remains incomplete without India’s name in first few pages !!!

St Andrews known as mecca for golf formed in 1754, Golf was brought to India by British Colonisers, making it the second golfing – playing nation in the world.Golfing in India goes back to the colonial period when the Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC) was founded in 1829 – the first golf course established outside British Isles. Soon after Royal Calcutta Golf Course in 1829 India had the second golf course in Bangalore – Bangalore Golf Club formed in 1876 and then Shillong Golf Club in 1886. Today in India you can play golf at Historical Courses and at the same time enjoy golf at Championship courses. In India you can play golf almost anywhere, for this outdoors sport is widely played by a cross-section of people to the country’s often-dramatic background. In the hills and high Himalayan fastness, in metropolitan cities and in small towns, by lakes and forests, or surrounded by tea estates, out in the desert and in old British cantonments… the flavour of India is visible everywhere that golf in the country is played.

In 1892, the Royal Calcutta Golf Course organised the country first national level tournament – All India Amateur Golf Championship, which is also the second oldest golf tournament in the world after British open which started in 1860. In early years the All India Golf Championship was dominated by British till 1949 when – Mohinder Bal, Indian golfer, won the event. Today India is host of many Asian, European Professional tour events such as BILT Open, SAIL Open and our very own Indian Open. India has also hosted many prestigious events such as Johnny Walker Classic, EMAR MGF Open. Other than professional events country regularly host various tourism and corporate events in which lot of players from oversea participate and compete for.

Today number of Golfers in India has grown rapidly and domestic golf tourism in India has grown more than 100% what it was 20 years back. Getting tee off during weekends and public holiday’s is as difficult as getting entrance ticket to Football world cup final match. Most of the golf courses have over 4000 members and around 200 tee off average daily !!!

For many oversea golfers visiting India is not just golf it is always Golf Plus. With golf they also get opportunity to experience Culture, Heritage, Luxury, Spa & Wellness, Wildlife Experience, Luxury Train. A Golfer travelling to India have multiple options combining the tour.. So India is just not a golf destination, India is a Golf Plus Destination.





India offers an incredible opportunity for golf lovers !!
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India offers an incredible opportunity for golf lovers, experience the delight of playing Golf in Golf courses of India spread across the country with dramatic backgrounds – in the hills and high Himalayan vastness, in metropolitan cities and in small towns…
India Golf Tours your complete guide to Golf Course in India. You may want to know more or play golf in some of the best designer golf courses located in New Delhi and NCR region or play golf at Royal Calcutta Golf Club (RCGC) in Kolkata, India – the oldest golf club in India and the first outside Great Britain or play golf in hills station locations of Ooty and Kodiakanal.
India Golf Tours will help you accomplish your dream of playing golf anywhere in India.
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