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Music and Dance are an integral part of Indian life. The body is used most beautifully as a medium of communication to express the various moods and emotions most effectively. In India, dances are performed to even show their happiness on various occasions. All night dance dramas are popular throughout India at all major festivals. Indian dance is categorized between folk dances and classical dances, where folk dance is very easy to perform as the performer does not require any skill and experience.

Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, Kathak and Mohiniattam– these as well as several forms of classical dances that have their origins in various states across the country – are a form of religious worship. The excitement of the Bhangra from Punjab. The skirts of the women spinning to the Daudiya Raas, Flip – flap of the clack – clack of the sticks in their hands from Gujarat.

Major music instruments are the Sitar, Veenaand the Tanpura¬†which are stringed instruments used as a drone. The harmonium – a keyboard instrument. The Shehnai and Nadaswaram are wind instruments. The Tabla or Pakhawan or Mridangam are major percussion instruments, is played to an intricate beat by the artist’s fingers.

Our experienced team can make arrangements for live performance on your tour to India.

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