Uday Travel – Bali Specialist – It is 5623 sqm fertile mountainous island, terraced rice-field dominates the landscape, with small streams bring water for irrigation. Bali boasts a tropical climate with just two seasons (wet and dry) a year and an average annual temperature of around 28 degree celcius. The majority of bali’s 3 million people live, for the most part, in tight village communities with large extended families. Bali has many roads which criss-cross the island, connecting villages and cities in Bali which has many tourist beach resorts as well as village and mountain resorts.

Bali’s culture, unique arts of music and dances, quality products in some forms of painting, weaving, carving, plaiting / basketry etc, colorful ceremonies almost daily in some different temples, gentle and friendly people practice their unique way of life, Interesting places for sightseeing from simple to special interest, adventure activities, endless shopping as well as scenic beauty make an Island becomes the most favorite places to visit.

Balinese culture is based on its unique form of Hinduism called “Hindu Bali” which it retained after the Islamisation of Java and developed through the centuries. The Balinese have managed to preserve their culture despite of overwhelming foreign influence brought by increasing number of visitors to Bali. Villagers spend their free time in these arts, music and dancing which is taught from a very young age. The soul of Balinese is their religion and it finds its expression in the arts. Spare the time to visit the Island as the only way to feel the experience as above.

Life in Bali is very communal with the organization of villages, farming and even the creative arts being decided by the community. Some aspects of Balinese life are placed in the hand of traditional committees.

Must Do Activities In Bali 

– Bukut Jambul Rice Terraces
— Tegalalang Rice Terraces
— Barong Dance
— Kecak Dance
— Gitgit Waterfall
— Kerta Gosa (hall of Justice) Klungkung
— Besakih Mother temple
— Temple Ceremony
— Grilles Sea Food in Jimbaran
— Trita Gangga Bathing Pool
— Bahra Sandi Museum
— Bali Museum
— Turtles Island
— Kuta Beach
— Diving
— Spa Treatment
— Banana Boat Ride
— Parasalling
— Jet Sky
— Aristocat
— Bali Hai Cruise
— Bounty Cruise
— Bali Nirwana Golf
— new Kuta Golf
— Rafting in Aung River
— Bali Zoo Park
— Bali Safari Marine Park
— Monkey Forest
— Kintamani Volcano
— Mount Batur & Lake Batur
— Keris Dance
— Ubud Market
— Ubud Palace

Best Temples In Bali 

The Balinese are Hindu and the religion is different from that of the Indian Variety. The Balinese worship the Hindu trinity Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu, who are seen as manifestation of the Supreme God. Balinese believe strongly in magic and the power of spirits and much of their religion is based upon this.
Daily offering isa significant role in Balinese life as they appease the spirits and those bring prosperity and good health to the families. Festivals are other great occasion for appeasing the Gods. There are traditional dance and music of Balinese gamelan in the festivities.

Some of the temples in Bali You Must Visit :
— Goa Lawah Temple (bat Cave)
— Tampak Siring Temple
— Gung Jawai Temple
— Taman Ayun Temple (mengwi)
— Uluwatu Temple
— Garuda Wisnu Kencana
— Ulun Danu Temple
— Tanah Lot Temple
— UlunDanu Temple
— Uluwatu Temple

For centuries, Balinese artists and craftsmen worked in a worked in a natural capacity for absorbing different cultural elements and blending them with their own. The local artists develop their own individual styles of Painting on different villages. STONE CARVING, WOOD CARVING has been traditionally featured largely in temples and palace architectures.
Bali textile has the rich variety of Cloths and Materials that are to be seen in the thousand of shops throughout the island and much more…..

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